About Us


GLS are a voluntary liaison service, working with those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire, with a focus on ensuring they have proper access to justice. We are assisting those affected by highlighting their rights and entitlements, observing the legal process and ensuring those affected are treated with respect and have sufficient understanding of the law. GLS do not take instructions.

In the immediate aftermath of the disaster we assisted affected people by providing access to information, pastoral care and general support focused on their immediate and urgent needs, including issues surrounding housing, immigration, health and safety, employment rights, child protection, psycho-social issues and subsistence, issues relating to medical concerns resulting from the exposure to the fire and possible cyanide and asbestos poisoning, liaising with the the Police commissioner regarding due process in the interviewing of survivors and the collection of evidence, amongst others.

As the weeks and months have transpired, we have continued to work directly with those affected and now, increasingly with their instructed lawyers and the Inquiry team to ensure speedy responses and consistency in approach and feedback.

Core activities

* Advocating on behalf of individuals according to their needs

* Providing impartial advice on legal representation, highlighting the best firms, providing information on them, making referrals

* Worked in collaboration with legal representatives by connecting them with the range of services and stakeholders that are available to victims and their families

* Fact sorting and providing useful updates to affected individuals

* Outreach work focusing on legal needs but providing pastoral care when needed and making referrals to relevant organisations

* Providing information and updates on the legal process both to affected people and volunteers who are assisting them

* Providing training to caseworkers working with affected people in relation to the legal / Inquiry process and documentation

Relationship with GMRU

From the second week following the fire, GLS has acted as the legal arm of Grenfell Muslim Response Unit (GMRU). We continue to work closely with them, supporting their activities and the GMRU family liaison officers who as been appointed to over 100 individuals directly affected by the Grenfell Tower fire.