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The GLS team includes:

Abbas Nawrozzadeh – Abbas is a solicitor and co-founder of GLS. He was on site in the aftermath of the fire, providing support to family friends who had lost a family member during the fire as well as assisting others as a volunteer. GLS was set up in coordination with other community groups to address the issue of access to immediate care and to justice – in the absence of any institutional response.

Khatija Sacranie – Khatija is a solicitor and co-founder of GLS and was involved as a volunteer in the early hours of the Grenfell disaster, coordinating between those affected and those offering legal support, through a platform that she had previously established called LawyersForGood. Khatija has roots in the community having previously taught at the Al-Manaar Muslim Cultural Center. She has also worked on the refugee crisis in Greece, where she co-founded a charity helping to move vulnerable families from refugee camps to settled housing and assisting them in the legal process to be united with family members across Europe.

Tinge Krishnan – Tinge is a resident of the local area. She trained and worked as a doctor in the UK before working as a film director. She is on the board of Childline Thailand Foundation (CTF) based in Thailand and on the board of Safe Child Thailand in the UK. She worked with Childline Thailand in the 2004 tsunami, and with the tsunami volunteers and the army in the 2004 Thailand flash floods. She also worked in the 2015 Nepal earthquake with Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Center (CWIN) and Childline Thailand to provide support and distribute supplies.

Steven Myers – Steven is a project management professional and qualified firefighter from Melbourne (Australia) where he consulted for the State Government’s fire department during the civil class action following the 2009 Black Saturday Fire. Steven has lived in West London for two years and is providing advisory and organisational support to GLS.