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What we do for affected persons:
  • We seek to ensure that no affected person remains isolated from available services.
  • A guide for those affected, assisting them with navigating the various legal proceedings.
  • We will provide fact sheets and facilitate workshops on matters such as preservation of evidence.
  • We are observers, ensuring that those affected are properly represented throughout the various legal proceedings, including at inquest(s) and the public inquiry.
  • We ensure that those affected are treated with dignity and respect, and that they are not taken advantage of.
  • We are an immediate point of contact for relevant legal information.
  • We are able to refer individuals to essential services.
How we work with lawyers:
  • We work with legal representatives to identify and address the legal needs of those affected.
  • We facilitate coordination meetings between lawyers for affected persons, thereby fostering a collaborative approach.
  • We facilitate a contextualised process encompassing culturally specific, trauma, housing and other needs.